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What’s so unique

about Chai Masthi?

Chai Masthi has been designed to cater refreshment needs for all ages. Our top-quality products, carefully designed menu, and great service separate us from other business models. Apart from chai and coffee, we also provide a perfect combination of delicious treats to snack on and other refreshments to make people relish their time. We fall somewhere between a chai/coffee stand, a sandwich/burger shop, and a café, making a unique place in the restaurant economy. The store’s layout is intended to allow everyone, from students to business people, to easily hang out for a while.

  • Low Investment & High Profit
  • Min.Experience staff required
  • Returns from as early as from first Month
  • Staff training at your own location
  • Profit Margin from between 40% to 60%
  • Tea Masters Support

(Company Owned Company Operated)

This can be said to be another outlet of the company which is completely owned and operated by the company. From setting up the store to running it, the company does it all. It’s not related to a franchise outlet.

(Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)

In this model, the Company just rents out the Brand Name to the Franchise operator for a particular non-refundable sum also said to be – Franchise Fee for an agreed interval of time.

(Franchise Owned Company Operated)

In this model, Franchisee invests amount required for setting up a particular store and company takes care of store setup, maintenance and operations.

Eligibility criteria

  • Investment capability
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated personalities to succeed in business
  • Visionary leaders to improve brand recognition
  • Know how of the industry

Robust franchise support

  • Complete turn-key assistance including site selection, and setup & start operations
  • Frequent official visits

Staffing & training

  • No experienced staff is required.
  • Complete onsite training is provided.

Expansion Locations

The establishment has multi-units in Hyderabad and is currently expanding to pan India. We have our branches opened in the following locations across the India.

Telangana | Andhra pradesh | Karnataka | Tamil Nadu


Chai Masthi franchise It is available at every nook and corner of the country, on every street, state and region.

A Master franchisee will also get a certain percentage of Franchise Fee, and royalty percentage from Unit Franchisee.


We’re growing fast, by gaining the trust of the tealovers and the communities we work with. Chai Masthi franchise currently looking to offer

All you will need is a minimum 100 sq. ft. area at a busy location, like Companies Hospitals, Universities, Corporate Houses, Commercial Buildings or busy markets, etc...

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